Treasure Box

A treasure box is a box that can vary from extremely simple to very extravagant. They are often used for treasure hunting activities, and can be fun events for adults or children. Treasure boxes are most commonly known as possessions of pirates. They contained jewels, coins, gold and other valuable items.

Treasure Box

Treasure Box

Pirates often went looking for a treasure box, based on hints, clues, suspicions and rumors regarding the whereabouts of the treasure. These boxes can be handmade from something small, or can be a large wooden trunk, or something similar.

Today, people often use treasure hunting as a way of team building. There are many different ways this is accomplished. Often times, people involved in a treasure box activity, are given a treasure map. This map has clues on it that are designed to lead the participants to certain things. This activity will help build good skills at discussing things, thinking outside the box and working together with others, for the same goal. On a well-thought out hunt, participants might be required to use a metal detector to locate certain items on the list.

A treasure box can have whatever theme is chosen. For a child’s birthday party, kids might use it to store small toys and candy relating to a pirate-themed birthday party. On a hunt, participants often work together, using the clues to search for the goods. This is one reason why treasure games are often used in team building activities. For adults, a company might use a game like this to promote individuals to collaborate together, in order to build better relationships and communication. For a business, participants might be given clues about business-type subjects. From the clues, the teams must decipher what they say and find the appropriate items.

One variation to the normal treasure hunting activities is a food-related hunt. Each team is given a list of clues relating to foods. Each clue represents one ingredient for a particular recipe. The goal is to figure out all of the clues, find the appropriate ingredients, place them in a box, and return back to make the recipe.

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