Treasure Games

Treasure games are a great way to keep kids busy, having fun and even learning. Treasure hunting is a great birthday party activity or even just a way to keep a group of kids busy at a play date. Here are some tips for planning and running successful treasure games for kids.

Keep it Age Appropriate

Treasure Games

Treasure Games

First think about the age of the children you are planning the game for. Treasure games can be as simple as planting a few simple photo clues for pre-readers, and leading them to a few stops before bringing them to the treasure box. For older children, you can plan more complicated treasure games using a more detailed treasure map to lead players to more stops before they find the treasure. You might even provide special clues like riddles the players must solve.

Also make sure the treasure you offer is age appropriate. Small children will likely enjoy very simple toys or treats such as chocolate coins or pirate eye patches. Older children might like candy and small age appropriate toys.

Treasure Games Location

Almost any location could work for treasure games. If you are having a birthday party in your backyard, you might simply hide clues in your yard and draw a map for children to follow. Treasure games can even take place indoors if you do not have enough yard space or the weather is bad. But a special location could add to the fun. If you live near the beach, this location is great for holding treasure games and keeps with the pirate theme of treasure hunts. You could even allow the children to search for metal treasures using metal detectors to make things a little more challenging and fun.

Treasure games do not need to be complicated to be a lot of fun for children of any age. Simply taking the time to consider the children you are planning the game for, picking an appropriate location and mapping out your game will likely result in a fun time for everyone involved.

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