Treasure Map

Once more common in fiction than in fact, a treasure map today can be the basis of a team-building activity, a party your guest won’t soon forget or a fundraising activity that will raise big bucks for your favorite charity.

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

How do you make a treasure map? Begin by putting together a list of items your participants will need to find. These “treasures” don’t always have to be items: You can also plan a treasure hunt whose goal is the identification of buildings or places; you just have to provide some means of verifying your treasure hunting participants have actually seen the place.

Next begin drawing your treasure map. Make sure your treasure map contains plenty of clues that will help your participants pinpoint what they are looking for, but don’t make the clues so easy that they’re a dead giveaway. Most of the fun of treasure games is the esprit du corps they inspire so that people work together towards a common goal.

A treasure map is not the only thing you will need for a successful treasure hunt. You’ll also have to demarcate the boundaries of the treasure hunt itself and come up with a set of rules that govern the event. Obviously, if the treasure hunt involves items you will have to impose an edict: No buying from stores! Can your treasure hunters ask for outside assistance from people they meet on the streets? And will they need to check in with home base every time they locate an item on the treasure map or just at the end of the treasure hunt itself? You will also have to time the treasure hunt, allot a finite number of hours to it otherwise it could go on for days!

If you’re planning a birthday party in a relatively small location, you might want to use a single treasure box, artfully concealed, and design your treasure map accordingly.

Some treasure hunts like to combine searching for treasure with metal detectors. The ideal location for this sort of treasure hunt is the beach. You will still need to draw a treasure map of course, and there’s always the possibility that your treasure hunters will find booty far more valuable than the treasure you planted!

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